Right now, you can have access to hundreds of bonds for as little as $10k. That means that instead of buying products from the large institutions and funds with large markups and fees, you can now invest alongside them and obtain the same wholesale prices and even be able to obtain a volume discount!

The benefits of investing in bonds with Australian Bond exchange…

  • Fully Transparent Pricing
  • Direct access to wholesales bonds getting you the best price
  • No minimum portfolio size
  • No hidden or ongoing fees means more money in your pocket
  • Regularly scheduled payments that must be paid
  • Full control to limit your risks
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The benefits of purchasing investment bonds with Australian Bond Exchange…

  • Get started with as little as $10,000
  • No Commission or Trailing Fees
  • Personalised bonds adviser

The Australian Bond Exchange had a turnover of over two billion dollars in the first half of 2018.  Strong inter-bank connections from years of experience has led to this fantastic result. For you, this means we’re able to source the bonds you want, and give you full retail access at the best price with no additional custodian or trailing fees.

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At the Australian Bond Exchange we have a few simple values that help us stay on our true mission:

  • The Family is the Core
    • We aim to protect your wealth because we understand what’s most important to you – that the fruits of your labour form part of your legacy.
  • Build strong Foundations
    • Everyone loves profit, and no one likes to lose money. Investment is a marathon, not a sprint and our main focus is to build a robust foundation to protect your money as it grows.
  • Be the Lighthouse
    • Illuminate the safest way to enable you to navigate through the roughest waters and ensure the number one investment rule – Don’t lose money – is followed always.
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At the Australian Bond Exchange, we know the Australian Bond Market. We believe Australian investors deserve the benefits that bonds can bring to their portfolio and we’re striving to make that easier every day.

The process is fairly simple:

  1. Complete the appropriate application form. This takes about 10 minutes and includes complete Anti-money laundering ID verification process. This is the same requirement needed for a new term deposit or a bank account.
  2. Discuss with your broker your investment goals and plans. They will offer you a curated list of bonds that fit your requirements.
  3. You make the informed decision on which bonds to purchase.
  4. On your instruction we go to market and purchase the bonds on your behalf. This can sometimes take some time to ensure we get you the best price.
  5. A confirmation note of your purchases will be sent detailing each bond, it’s price and associated interest, fees, gst and banking instructions.
  6. You then have two business days to transfer the funds. No pre-payment is required.
  7. From that point on, coupons are paid direct to your bank account.
  8. As the bond matures, your broker will contact you to discuss if you want to re-invest or return some or all of the bond value.

We understand sometimes it’s easier to talk with someone over the phone about finances.

That’s why if you want to talk to someone from ABE about the benefits of bonds, call this number to get in contact with someone from our team:

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