Why the Australian Bond market?

The Australian Bond Exchange (ABE) is Australia’s pre-eminent marketplace for investing in fixed income securities. We offer better income, with less fees using the reliable and stable returns of corporate bonds for clients dissatisfied with highly volatile or lower-yielding investments.

Founded by a team of four who all have more than 20 years experience in the financial and IT industry, Australian Bond Exchange seeks to provide Australian Investors with access to the Australian Bond Market. At ABE, investing in corporate bonds means you get the best of both worlds: higher returns and lower risk values so you can worry less about where you hard-earned wealth is going.  

We’ve worked not just in Australia but also Singapore, London, New York, China, Switzerland. So we know how well Australia is placed in the global economy and can use that wealth of knowledge to help keep your investments growing with stability. From trading in private firms and big banks to working with the regulators to design the banking rules. We’ve worked closely with the infrastructure that supports all the biggest financial exchanges. This means we have in-depth knowledge and experience of all aspects of the financial system.

This experience means that we’re the goto company in Australia that is licensed to provide specific financial advice, deal directly in bonds, and provide custodial services to both retail and wholesale customers.

At the Australian Bond Exchange we have a few simple values that help us stay on our true mission:

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Financial Access and Relations

We have spent years building the relationships with the banks and financial institutions to allow direct trading lines. Because of this we can buy bonds at a much greater rate and at far better pricing than almost anybody else. Which really means that we’re able to find the bargains and offer them direct to you.

It also means we are much more likely to have much more understanding of how bonds work with the wider market, than any stock broker or financial adviser. This is not disparaging your adviser because most brokers and advisers are generalists looking at all securities across the whole market. But just like your GP who will refer you to a specialist – we’re the specialists, and very happy to work directly with your adviser.

Bond Pricing

We can tell you the exact calculation of any bond that we offer. We can tell you why it is priced the way it is and why it fits or does not fit with the rest of your portfolio. We can explain about the bond, the company, the industry, the market or how it relates to any other bond. And then we show you clearly and with full transparency the cost of the transaction, with no ongoing custodial, management, exit or trailing fees. That alone will keep thousands of dollars in your pocket.

We also have a very rigorous Product Approval Process that allows only products that meet exacting requirements to be traded on our platform. This means you can invest with confidence.

And if you join us you become part of the family. And if for whatever reason you have to sell a bond, you call us up and we will make sure that you will get the best pricing.

Bond trading, settlement and custodial services

The Australian Bond Exchange is a world class, leading financial services company. We offer a full suite of services including bond trading, settlement and custodial services across a comprehensive range of asset classes.

Direct Bond Access

The Australian Bond Exchange provides direct access for Australian retail and wholesale investors to some of the world’s leading resource, finance, industrial and technology companies in the circa $825 billion Australian bond market.

Our network and data services are connected to all of the world’s leading financial hubs. All to ensure that we can offer you the best possible advice and execution services to ensure your financial goals are met.

Financial Advice

The Australian Bond Exchange team has been providing advice in the financial markets for over 20 years in all the major financial centres across the globe. We put our customers at the centre of everything we do and ensure that everyone has direct access to the Australian bond market.

ASIC has granted Australian Bond Exchange an Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL: 484453) to provide both general and specific advice to wholesale and retail customers.  This ensures that no matter how much or how little financial experience you may have, we can ensure that you will receive the financial advice you need to ensure your financial goals are met without the volatility or ongoing fees that you may otherwise incur.

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