Are you exceptional? Are you relentless when you have a goal? Do you think bigger than all your friends? Are you able to adapt to changing scenarios? Do you have the drive, the passion, and self-confidence to get what you desire? Do you accept your failures and learn from them? Are you frustrated with your current position?

Don’t bother applying unless you know you’re a star player and willing to do what it takes. Only apply if you believe you can be the best at almost everything you do, and can prove it.

Your background is not as important as who you are.

We’re searching for passion in banking, fixed income, coding, software engineering, data science, sales, marketing, management, physics, genetics, communications, design, finance, statistics, analytics, machine learning, business, AI, big data, blockchain.

Excellent rewards and bonus structure, with great opportunity for upward mobility. Build your own empire in a startup taking on the world.

To Apply, send a one page email (less than 300 words) showing the compelling reasons we need to talk and discover if we’re a good fit. Attach a plain or rich text CV and send with the subject: “Superstar Application”.