Bonds are a safety focused investment, that offers regular returns. With direct access to investment grade bonds, government bonds and high yield bonds you’re able to:

  • Diversify your investments to protect your wealth from the impact of market changes, interest rates, and inflation
  • Provide capital valuations that fluctuate less than stocks in return for reliable income streams that will cushion you from market upheaval
  • Get a regular, reliable steady income at set intervals through the year rather than a lump sum return which means you can design your lifestyle
  • Plan for any market scenario with choices of fixed, flexible or the inflation linked rates

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No Minimum Portfolio Size

Working with your personal adviser, you can purchase investment bonds and be comfortable as the prices you receive are fully transparent and managed by an experienced professional.

And if you’re waiting for a new bond issue, you can get on the wait list with no money down.

Invest as little as $10,000

Right now hundreds of Australian investment bonds are accessible to all investors for as little as $10k. That means that instead of buying complex products from the large institutions and funds with large markups and fees, you can now invest alongside them and obtain the same wholesale prices.

Fully Transparent Pricing

Australian Bond Exchange searches the market for the best prices available. We don’t buy when the price or risk is high. We find you the best return for the lowest risk and the pass that directly to you with no hidden, trailing or custodial fees.

Direct Access to the Wholesale Bond Market

The wholesale corporate bond market in Australia is predominantly used by large financial institutions who trade in multi-million dollar transactions as a normal course of business. The typical minimum trade size has, until now, frozen most private Australian investors out of the market.

You can find details on some of our more popular bonds here.

With bonds that meet exacting standards

There are over 3,000 bonds available in the market today. We only trade products that meet our exacting standards and checked by a rigorous process. Find out more about our Product Approval Process and how it brings transparency and protection to your investments.