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ABX Weekly 13/11/2019


ABX Weekly 13/11/2019 Market Update     Global markets continue to slowly price in an economic recovery and yields in the US bond markets continue to increase with the US 10y Treasury note moving closer to 2% which is a three-months high. Markets currently pricing in a zero chance of easing by the Federal Reserve at the December [...]

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RBA November 2019 Flash


RBA November 2019 flash news – unchanged   As most market commentators already expected, the RBA left interest rates unchanged at its Melbourne Cup meeting. The ball is now clearly back in the court of the Government and the pressure is mounting for further fiscal measures to help lift the heavy burden. Clearly the consumer [...]

RBA November 2019 Flash2019-11-06T10:16:29+11:00

ABX Weekly 30/10/2019


ABX Weekly 30/10/2019 Market Update     Global Financial markets are starting to respond to the massive stimulation by Central Bankers around the world. We have seen the US stock markets hitting new all-time highs and bonds yields moving higher across the globe. Even bond rates in Europe are moving slowly back towards zero, however many are [...]

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ABX Weekly 23/10/2019


ABX Weekly 23/10/2019 Market Update    The only major beneficiary of the massive decrease in official interest rates by our RBA seems to be the property market. House prices in the Sydney and Melbourne have lifted strongly again and reports of bidding wars are making headlines again. Consumer confidence on the other hand has gone the other [...]

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ABX Weekly 2/10/2019


ABX Weekly 02/10/2019 Market Update     President Donald Trump’s recorded comments at a closed-door gathering with U.S. diplomats seem set to add fuel to Democrats’ impeachment drive. Trump is seen describing the whistle-blower as “close to a spy” and demanded to know who the person is, in a video of the event obtained by Bloomberg News. [...]

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ABX Weekly 25/09/2019


ABX Weekly 25/09/2019 Market Update     The US political turmoil, with a possible impeachment of Trump is casting it’s shadows over the global economy.  In the recent speech to the UN assembly Mr Trump is calling an end to globalisation and he was stressing that patriotism is the new way of live!  This of course does [...]

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ABX Weekly 18/09/2019


ABX Weekly 18/09/2019 Market Update    The weekend bombing of the Saudi oil infrastructure and the jump in oil prices have dominated the headlines over the past couple of days. Clearly the biggest risk is that the situation is further escalating and a further spike in the oil price would strongly undermining the global efforts by Central [...]

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ABX Weekly 04/09/2019


ABX Weekly 04/09/2014 Market Update   Uncertainty over the US/China trade meetings scheduled this month moved the market to a risk off sentiment.  In the US session, the weaker ISM Manufacturing print took the market to saw new lows in US 10-year yields hitting 1.429%.  The risk off move wasn’t enough to discourage the long list of Corporate issuers to come through to market [...]

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ABX Weekly 28/08/2019


ABX Weekly 28/08/2019 Market Update   A roller-coaster of a week starting with President Trump announcing addition tariffs on China imports with existing 25% tariffs on $250bn of imports from China will be raised to 30% starting on Oct 1. The 10% tariff on about $300bn of imports from China (about half of which have been delayed to Dec [...]

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ABX Weekly 21/08/2019


ABX Weekly 21/08/2019 Market Update     Analysing the recently released minutes of the RBA’s Monetary Policy meeting in August we can see that the Board has grown more concerned over the outlook of global growth. Notably comments of: “trade and technology disputes had increased the downside risks to the global outlook”, “uncertainty around trade policy had [...]

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