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ABX Weekly 20/05/2020


ABX Weekly 20/05/2020   Market Update The Australian economy is slowly being reopened and Treasurer Josh Frydenberg has expressed the opinion that the time was right to start boosting employment and bringing people back to work. Treasury analysis predicts that close to 400,000 people in the food and accommodation workforce should be back by July [...]

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ABX Weekly 13/05/2020


ABX Weekly 13/05/2020 Market Update     The big news was that our PM Scott Morrison announced on Friday the plan of how to reopen the economy in three stages. This should provide us all with a clear roadmap for the next foreseeable future and should provide some positive inspiration which is much need in this very difficult time. There are some glimmer of hope among all the negative news [...]

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ABX Weekly 29/04/2020


ABX Weekly 29/04/2020 Market Update   Global markets continue to recover from the March lows what appears to be the peak of the Corona pandemic which is helping to calm down volatility. Central bankers around the world have managed to stabilise the markets with their massive and unprecedented injection of cash into the system. The US Fed continues to slow its daily intervention and is now down to [...]

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ABX Weekly 15/04/2020


ABX Weekly 15/04/2020 Market Update     Global financial markets continue to recover from the near meltdown a couple of weeks ago. The hope that we have reached some sort of peak of the pandemic combined with the massive capital injection from both Governments and Central Bankers has stabilised the situation for the time being.   There is still much work [...]

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RBA April 2020 Flash


RBA April 2020 flash news – on hold   RBA April update There are some signs of hope emerging after a couple of very difficult weeks and some very extreme initiatives by Central Bankers and Governments to counter the shutdown of the economies.   Our RBA  has done whatever it takes to stabilise the bond market which in turn has helped to [...]

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ABX Weekly 25/03/2020


ABX Weekly 25/03/2020 Market Update     The global turmoil has continued over the past week with Central Banks and Governments unleashing an unprecedented wave of cash to stabilise the financial and banking system. Equity markets in particular had one of the biggest recovery bounces of all-time last night and government bond yields have started to normalise across the globe indicating that the Central Bank interventions have started to show some signs of success.  Our RBA [...]

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ABX Weekly 18/03/2020


ABX Weekly 18/03/2020 Market Update     What a week! We have seen strong response from Central Bankers globally with some sort of QE programs back in place. The US Fed has in an emergency meeting cut rates by 1% down to almost zero and injecting massive of amount of money into the market to make sure [...]

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ABX Weekly 11/03/2020


ABX Weekly 11/03/2020 Market Update     Global markets continue to be driven by fear and the recent 50bps emergency cut from the Fed did very little to calm markets. Money has moved aggressively out of risk assets back into safe haven assets, causing Government bond yields falling to new all-time lows across the yield curve. The entire US [...]

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ABX Weekly 4/03/2020


RBA March Update RBA March 2019 flash news – 0.25% decrease   The RBA has announced another rate cut which reduced the cash rate to a new record low of 0.50% in response to the recent global events. The world is in the grip of the perfect storm with the Coronavirus causing major disruptions and the [...]

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ABX Weekly 26/02/2020


ABX Weekly 26/02/2020 We have seen a considerable deterioration globally in the spread of the Coronavirus which more and more is causing a slowdown in growth globally. It doesn’t really come to a great surprise to us bond investors and we have taken as usual a much more cautious view with bond yield once again [...]

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