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Learn how to identify and avoid being taken to the cleaners by criminals

In June 2021. One minute, John (not his real name), is happy he’s just secured a $200,000 investment with a reputable bank. The next minute he’s living a nightmare as he realises his money has been transferred to a scammer’s account never to be seen again. This story is based on true events.

Watch the live webinar on how to protect yourself from fraud

Secure investments are what everyone is after and the criminals are taking advantage of that. As rates drop and term deposits are no longer viable, everyone is searching for higher yields and that’s bringing out the scammers.

How do you know the investments you’re investigating are real?

We ran a live webinar in August 2021 that will help protect you against these criminals. We’ll show you how they exploit every underhanded and illegal trick to separate you from your money.

In the webinar, you’ll discover:

  • How to identify potential scams using real-life examples
  • Come away with a ‘sniff test’ cheat sheet
  • How to build in a double check to ensure you’re not falling prey
  • How to identify what’s too good to be true vs too risky
  • Some steps to take if you think you’ve been conned

Watch the recording below.


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You can also find the document mentioned in the video, which is a condensed list of the key tools available to you as an additional reference to the video in the Scam Spotters Guide. No signup or registration required as we want this information shared as widely as possible to help us all defend against scammers.