Australian Bond Exchange

Everyone knows that they need some bonds in their investment portfolio. But what exactly do you need to know to understand bonds? How do they work? What are the benefits? What do all the terms mean when people talk about bonds?

The answers to these questions and more can be found in the following paper – Understanding Bonds.

In this paper you will discover:

  • The elegant simplicity of a bond
  • Why Bonds are always a safer investment than stocks
  • Risk v return on stocks and bonds (spoiler alert – it’s not what you would think)
  • Basic concepts and jargon surrounding bonds
  • Different types of bonds and how you can make them work for you

All this and more can be found in an easy-to-read, great for beginners paper here:

Before investing in this huge and diverse market, it is important to understand the basics: What is a bond and how can bonds help meet your investment goals? The above paper gives you a great head start in becoming a successful investor in the bond market.

If you want to know more call our corporate bond team on 02 8076 9343 and ask them the questions you have. They’re happy to help. Alternatively, you apply now and start earning and protecting your investments. It takes 10 minutes.