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You already know Protecting your Capital while earning a good Income is hard.

…without others trying to steal it from you.

  • Do you want to find an investment that brings comfort and certainty into your retirement?
  • Are you searching for a liquid high-yield investment that offers diversity and balance and gives you a predictable payment schedule?
  • Do you want to find an investment that doesn’t rely on the whims of a corporate board or equity market fluctuations?
  • Have you found a way to avoid hidden fees that eat away at your overall returns? More importantly in today’s market you must have complete control and visibility over your investments.
  • Are you the type of person that wants to enjoy your life without having to worry about money?

The Problems with Tier One Hybrids

Tier One Hybrids have been a great investment. They’ve fit into a place within the investment landscape. But they have always added a level of uncertainty to your investments because distributions are paid on Tier 1 Hybrids at the discretion of the Bank, and failure to pay a distribution will not give you any right to the missed distribution or to require your investment to be returned. Meaning they don’t have to pay you if they don’t want to, and you have no way to force them to or get your money back.

At the maturity event, they can convert to regular shares. Meaning you have to go back to the market to reclaim your capital at market prices (with everyone else that invested with you in the same boat). If the shares are worth more than hybrid, they’ll repay the hybrid. If the shares are worth less, they’ll convert them.

What this really means is that you’re taking the full risk of the investment but don’t get the upside.

How to Ensure a Regular Income

If you trust the company enough to be a shareholder, you must trust the company enough to be a creditor. And as a creditor, the company is legally obliged to pay you on a regular basis. If they don’t you can use the full weight of the legal system and force them to pay what they owe.

The Australian Bond Exchange provides you access to regular income streams from quality ASX-listed companies which gives you control over your investments and enables you to live the life you deserve.

This means:

  • You no longer have to struggle with the threat of distributions being skipped.
  • You have the control over your investments which means you get to make fully informed decisions.
  • You don’t have to sacrifice capital preservation for the poor returns offered on Term Deposits.
  • You sleep easily without the stress caused by the ups and downs of the stock market, let alone guessing when a company will pay.
  • Not be frustrated watching your returns being eaten by fees and charges.

You can now trade direct in the wholesale corporate bonds market. And this means a higher income, no hidden or ongoing fees and allows you to invest a complete portfolio.

Right now, thousands of bonds including high yielding bonds in Australia’s ASX listed companies are accessible to investors like you.

That means that instead of buying complex products from the large institutions and funds, and being hit by the market risk you can now invest alongside them, gain control and have direct access to the same wholesale prices and returns.

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