Australian Bond Exchange

Bonds are a requirement for any diversified retirement portfolio. They give you:

  • Defined regular income payments that bring comfort and certainty
  • Enable you to Protect your capital and lifestyle. The first rule of investing is Don’t Lose Money.
  • You can then enjoy your future without having to worry about money.
  • A high yield reliable income investment.

This is how the Australian Bond Exchange give you full control over your investments – You no longer have to be content with the poor returns offered on Term Deposits, stress out with the ups and downs of the stock market or bear the full risk from hybrids.

Thousands of bonds including high yielding bonds in Australia’s leading companies are accessible to investors like you. These bonds are on fixed terms and offer regular income payments at set intervals during the year. And as the returns are not tied to a company’s stock price you don’t have to worry about loss of income.

For example, one of our clients purchased $30,000 worth of NextDC 6.25% back in July 2018. They consistently earned $937.50 every 6 months, even during the middle of the COVID-19 Crash. They were then paid back their full $30,000 investment in December 2020.

That means that instead of buying complex products from the large institutions and funds, struggling with measly term deposit returns, or being hit with hidden fees you can now invest in quality bonds with quality returns.

You must have bonds as part of your retirement portfolio. Learn how bonds will help, enter your details below and we’ll contact you:

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