Australian Bond Exchange

Marks & Spencer PLC

Fixed Rate Bond Linked Security

You can now invest in a new Australian dollar, fixed coupon, and bond linked over Marks & Spencer PLC yielding a 6.00% per annum return.

Marks & Spencer provides retail of clothing, food, and home products through a network of 1,487 stores and 98 websites globally. Across the company’s stores, support centres, warehouses and supply chain, they serve over 30 million customers each year.

Marks & Spencer Group PLC is a leading British Retailer and a global household name (London Stock Exchange: MKS) being a member of the FTSE 250 index with a market capitalisation of £2.67 billion.

This bond can help you introduce sector diversification to your investment portfolio.

Key Information

  • Issuer: C2 Specialist Investment Pty Ltd
  • Coupon Rate: 6.00% per annum paid every 6 months.
  • 3.7-year note (maturity May 2026)
  • Issue Price: $100
  • ABE Code: [C2MF060026]
  • Minimum Investment: A$10,000
  • Currency: The note is denominated in AUD. All Coupons and any Final Value is delivered in Australian dollars, without exposure to the exchange rate.

Marks & Spencer Unsecured Bond Reference Asset

  • Marks & Spencer PLC Senior Unsecured GBP 3.75% Bond maturing 19 May 2026
  • Bloomberg Name: MARSPE 3 ¾ 05/19/26
  • Bloomberg ISIN: XS2258453369
  • Debt Type: Senior Unsecured


The risks listed below are not all of the risks associated with the activities of an investment in Yield Enhanced Securities.

Credit Risk: Defaults on the underlying security may result in a loss of principal invested and/or interest due under those Notes

This risk is mitigated by:

  • The size and global reach of the underlying security;
  • The use of Tier One International banking partner

Bond Market Risk: A material decline in the value of Marks & Spencer brand in relevant market segments will erode the value of the underlying bond.

This risk is mitigated by:

  • The factors referred to under ‘Credit Risk’ above;

Liquidity risk: You may not be able to realise your investment when you want to. The Issuer Buy-Back facility is at the discretion of the Issuer. Issuer Buy-Back requests are determined at the Issuer’s discretion

This risk is mitigated by:

  • The Australian Bond Exchange will facilitate the secondary market to enhance liquidity