Australian Bond Exchange

Fixed Rate Bond Linked Security

Jaguar Land Rover is a world-known and trusted luxury brand, with revenue of over 20 Billion Pounds, and producing over half a million cars per year. Owned by Tata Motors, which also owns Daewoo, and Hitachi Construction Machinery among other well-known international companies.

This is your opportunity to diversify your investments into a bond not usually available in Australia.

C2 Bond Linked Security:

  • 4.50% p.a. fixed rate
  • Based on Jaguar Land Rover Automotive PLC Senior Unsecured Bond
  • 5 year note
  • Will be added to ABE/IRESS trading platform to improve secondary market liquidity

Key Information

Reference Asset: Jaguar Land Rover Automotive PLC 6.875% Notes maturing 15 November 2026

Bloomberg Name: TTMTIN 6.875% 11/15/26

Bloomberg ISIN: XS2010037682

Debt Type: Senior Unsecured

Currency Hedge: As part of bringing the bond denominated in Euro to Australia, our structuring partner, C2 Specialist Investments, wrap the bonds in units that include a built-in AUD/EUR currency hedge designed to deliver coupons and any final value in AUD, without exposure to the AUD/EUR exchange rate.


The risks listed below are not all of the risks associated with the activities of an investment in Yield Enhanced Securities.

  • Credit Risk: Defaults on the underlying security may result in a loss of principal invested and/or interest due under those Notes.

This risk is mitigated by:

(a) the size and global reach of the underlying security;

(b) the use of Tier One International banking partner

  • Bond Market Risk: A material decline in the value of Jaguar brand in relevant market segments will erode the value of the underlying bond.

This risk is mitigated by:

(a) the factors referred to under ‘Credit Risk’ above;

  • Liquidity risk. You may not be able to realise your investment when you want to. The Issuer Buy-Back facility is at the discretion of the Issuer. Issuer Buy-Back requests are determined at the Issuer’s discretion.

This risk is mitigated by:

(a) the Australian Bond Exchange will facilitate the secondary market to enhance liquidity;

C2 Bond Linked Securities Series 1 are not directly or indirectly sponsored, endorsed, sold or promoted by, or otherwise involved with, Jaguar Land Rover Automotive PLC nor any of its affiliates (including Tata Motors Limited and its affiliates) (together “Jaguar Land Rover”). Jaguar Land Rover have not directly or indirectly sponsored, endorsed, issued, distributed, sold, marketed or promoted the Units in any way. Jaguar Land Rover is not affiliated with the Issuer or the Australian Bond Exchange or any of their respective affiliates in any way.