Australian Bond Exchange

Why this fund?

A ready-made solution that invests in 100% income-producing assets (e.g. corporate bonds, inflation linked securities, mortgage-backed securities and other money market (non-government) instruments and other credit opportunities).

Investing in securities issued by Australian issuers directly, or indirectly through a deferred purchase agreement or a Credit Instrument across a mixture of short, intermediate and long-term maturities.

Fully Australian dollar denominated where the main advantage of the Fund is the potential for an investor to gain exposure to foreign Fixed Interest Securities where the foreign exchange risk is hedged.

Professionally designed mix of investments that you can align with target returns, plus expert rebalancing. This is the first joint venture between the Australian Bond Exchange  the Boston Global Group.


The primary objective of the Fund will be to provide half yearly distributions to investors.

Key Information

  • Trustee:BG Funds Management Pty Ltd. ACN 153 486 98, AFSL 502497

  • Investment Manager: ABE Investment Management Pty Ltd. ACN 670 007 762 Corporate Authorised Representative of BG Funds Management Pty Ltd (AFSL 502497). Registration No. 001305309

  • Issue Date: 20 August 2023.

  • Domicile: AUSTRALIA.

  • Type: wholesale, unregistered and open ended pooled investment unit trust.

  • Product fees:


About BG Funds Management

The Boston Global Group combines its investment banking experience and family office investment fund with a network of global partners that ensures it can provide investment opportunities that deliver long-term value and superior results for its clients, partners, and investors.  Its mandate is to provide innovative financial and structured investment opportunities to create commercial solutions for technologies that can have a meaningful impact on society and quality of life.
BGFM is as an independent provider of trustee services to wholesale funds. This leaves the investment decisions to an expert that can focus on deciding what investments are made on behalf of the Fund, whilst ABE Investment Management Pty Limited takes care of the operational aspects of the Fund.
BGFM’s responsibilities and obligations as the trustee are governed by the Trust Deed, the Corporations Act and general trust law. As trustee of the Fund, BGFM is responsible for the management of the Fund.

About ABE Investment Management

The Investment Manager is ABE Investment Management Pty Limited, a subsidiary of Australian Bond Exchange Holdings Limited (an ASX listed company) which specialises in providing innovative debt security products for its clients.



Control risk

The Trustee does not control the day-to-day operations, including investment and disposition decisions, of the Fund. The Trustee relies on the Investment Manager of the Fund to conduct and manage the affairs of the Fund.

Investment risk

The Fund invests the available capital in financial instruments that can be deemed speculative investments. While there is a market for buying and selling these assets, the market for such assets in general is subject to fluctuations that are at times substantial. Higher volatility results in higher risk. Different financial instruments have different levels of volatility.

The price of a specific investment of the Fund may be affected by market risk (above) but also by factors which are specific to that investment; for example, a circumstance or change impacting a particular company, sector, region or type of product in which the Fund has invested.

Reduced or no returns

Some series of Units pay returns at the maturity of the units as a final value. Final values may be fixed from the outset or conditional or based on the performance of the Reference Asset. If there is insufficient performance of the Reference Asset, the Fund may not achieve its desired return form the Units. If the performance of the Reference Asset is negative, the Fund could lose some or all of the amount it has paid to acquire the Units.

Some series of Units may also pay coupons, either during the investment term or at maturity of the Units, or both. Where a coupon is dependent or conditional on the performance of the Reference Asset, there may be no coupon payable where the performance of the Reference Asset does not meet the specified level.



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