Australian Bond Exchange

Australian Bond Exchange were proud partners with the Melbourne Football Club in 2021, culminating in them winning the premiership!

The Melbourne Demons are the oldest team in the AFL and helped create the rules that subsequently shaped the game. While ABE isn’t the oldest, we work hard to make you the winners by shaping the rules for your benefit.

Every Australian Investor deserves access to the benefits that bonds and yield-enhanced fixed income can provide.

Another year of innovation, rewards, and great football.

Invest with ABE

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Protect your Capital

Bonds offer a variety of capital protections. Because of where they are in the capital structure, they are always safer and more stable than stocks. And other than the rare cases of insolvency, you’ll get back 100% of your investment. For added protection:

  • We have clear and documented listing rules to ensure products meet our standards
  • We have an ongoing partnership with BondAdviser, Australia’s only specialist independent fixed income research platform to provide research and analysis
  • We sponsor additional academic research into the market

Click here for a brief video primer on how bonds work.

Regular 5% – 7% p.a. payments

Australian investment bonds are directly accessible to you for as little as $10k. That means you can be paid regularly like clockwork 5% – 7% p.a. is paid directly into your bank account. No kickbacks, custody fees or anything is stolen.

Fully Transparent Pricing
We at the Australian Bond Exchange believe in a fair go, and we’ve based our service fee model on it. Working with your personal advisor, you can purchase investment bonds and be comfortable of fully transparent prices and achieve optimal returns with no hidden, trailing or custodial fees.
Diversity and Volume
Australian Bond Exchange has a turnover in billions of dollars with strong inter-bank connections. This means we’re able to source the bonds you want, and give you full retail access at the best price with no additional custodian or trailing fees.