Australian Bond Exchange

Do you want to find an investment that brings comfort and certainty into your portfolio? Are you searching for a liquid high yield investment that offers diversity and balance? Do you want to invest in bonds directly?

Corporate Bonds have regular, consistent payments at rates well above those offered by the banks. Because of this you earn a regular, automated income.

You can invest in bonds directly – Australian Bond Exchange opens up the wholesale market to investors like you, and allows you to invest a complete portfolio.

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About Australian Bond Exchange

The Australian Bond Exchange team has been providing advice in the financial markets for over 20 years in all the major financial centres across the globe. We put our customers at the center of everything we do and ensure that everyone has direct access to the Australian bond market.

From the Managing Director of Australian Bond Exchange, Bradley McCosker:

“We started ABX after realising many Australians are missing out on a potentially life-changing part of their
investment portfolio: Corporate bonds. By making the wholesale market directly available you bypass hefty
fees to get the absolute most out of your dollar. At the Australian Bond Exchange we have three strong
values that help us stay true to our mission:

Your legacy is the core – We aim to protect your wealth because it’s not just for you, but forms part of your legacy.

Build strong foundations – Our main focus is to build a robust foundation to protect your money as it grows.

Be the lighthouse – Ensure the safest way to navigate the roughest waters and maintain the number one rule – Don’t lose money.”

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