Australian Bond Exchange

Thursday 28 January 2021. The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) has issued a warning to investors of imposter bond investment scams.  Scammers pretend to be associated with well-known domestic and international financial service firms and offer high yield bond investments to investors.The full text of ASIC’s warning can be found at this link:

21-010MR ASIC warns investors of imposter bond scams | ASIC – Australian Securities and Investments Commission

The Australian Bond Exchange is a fully licensed securities dealer (AFSL484453) and Australia’s pre-eminent marketplace for investing in fixed-income securities.  Your financial interests are central to everything we do, and we regularly have conversations with investors about investment choices.  Clients benefit from our reputation for integrity and honesty, from their first interaction when seeking information on investing in bonds right through the ongoing relationship as a valued client and investor in bonds.

Even if you are not an existing client of the Australian Bond Exchange, we would welcome a call from you if you want to check the authenticity of any approach you have had from someone to invest in a product you are unsure about.

To speak to one of our bond experts, please call +61 2 8076 9343.

Moreover, before investing in any bonds, regardless of which firm approaches you, do some simple practical checks:

Companies you should not deal with –;

  • check the main website (i.e. the homepage) of the purported issuer of the bonds to see if there are any alerts about imposter scams; and
  • Call the Australian Bond Exchange for advice.