Australian Bond Exchange

Inflation is skyrocketing. Interest rates are wavering. The stock market crashed, then bounced right back up but companies are still cutting dividends. This is forcing you to search for income to continue living your life.

Earn better returns, with less fees using corporate bonds.

A bond is a loan to quality Australian companies or the government for a fixed term with regular income and you’re able to directly benefit with bonds in your own name for as little as $10,000.

You get better returns than many other investments. Avoid high risk hybrids. With much safer and stable returns than stocks or funds.

Direct Benefit to You

Right now, hundreds of bonds including high yielding Australian Company bonds are accessible to all investors like yourself.

  • Protecting your capital while you help it grow
  • Avoid hidden fees which means you keep more of your investment returns
  • Have complete control over your investments
  • Freedom from paying fund managers that don’t outperform robots and roboadvisers
  • Bring comfort and certainty into your portfolio
  • Avoid highly speculative investments that put your money at risk
  • A liquid high yield investment that offers diversity and balance
  • Most of all, enjoy your future without having to worry about your income

That means that instead of buying complicated products from the large institutions and funds, and being hit with hidden fees, commissions and costs you can now invest directly.

Compare Your Investments with the World Average

Australians in general are very under-represented when investing in bonds. We love shares and property, but the current stock and property market fluctuations are showing how risky that is. The graph below shows how the rest of the world considers bonds as a third pillar of investment.

The main reason for the much higher use of bonds is their security, capital preservation and regular returns. They balance the riskier asset classes like stocks and property.

You can now gain full control and trade a much smaller trade size than previously available, direct to the market at wholesale prices. Bring your investments into line with the rest of the world and defend against market corrections.

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