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You deserve to live the life you worked so hard for…

…but with evaporating interest rates, COVID shutdowns, and companies cutting dividends for the foreseeable future you might have to give up your dreams.

But there is a way out…

  • Find an investment that brings comfort and certainty?
  • Returns greater than Term Deposits, yet limit your risk?
  • Higher yield investment that offers diversity and balance and gives you a predictable payments?
  • Find an investment that doesn’t rely on the whims of a corporate board or stock market fluctuations?
  • Avoid hidden fees that eat away at your overall returns? More importantly in today’s market you must have complete control and visibility over your investments.
  • Want to enjoy your life without having to worry about money?

The Problems with Yesterdays Income Streams

Term Deposits

With the RBA cash rate below inflation finding quality investments that enable you to protect your capital at the same time as providing an income to pay the bills is becoming harder and harder.

The below inflation rates mean you’re forced to search elsewhere.

Dividends and franking credits

Dividends and franking credits have been a great bonus to income. But they have always added a level of uncertainty to your investments because they rely on a company first making a profit, and then a corporate board deciding how much of dividend to pay, and then earning enough to to pass tax thresholds.

It’s only after this do you find out if you’ll also get a tax rebate. This means a lot of income uncertainty and thus potentially dramatic impacts to your lifestyle. Especially now.

Take Telstra as an example. At the end of 2018 the Telstra board had approved fully franked dividends of 22 cents per share. The dividend for 2019 is 16 cents per share. That’s a 27% cut to your income! Back in 2016, BHP cut their dividend payment by almost 75%. And Qantas paid no dividends at all between 2010 and 2016.


The same problems apply to Tier 1 Hybrids. Payments on Tier 1 Hybrids are at the discretion of the Bank, and failure to pay will not give you any right to the missed payment or to require your investment to be returned. Meaning they don’t have to pay you if they don’t want to, and you have no way to force them to.

Are over 7% per year returns possible anymore?

A quick google search will show there are plenty of investments out there to replace shrinking returns. The main thing to keep in mind is they all carry risk and the providers almost never talk in detail about the risk.

It’s easy to find something promising 7%+ returns – but the risk is calculated into that return. In general, the higher the return, the more risks you take, and sometimes you take much more risk than the return suggests.

How to Ensure a Regular Income

If you trust the company enough to be a shareholder for dividends, you must trust the company enough to be a creditor. As a creditor the company is legally obliged to pay you on a regular basis. If they don’t you can use the full weight of the legal system and force them to pay what they owe.

And that’s what we’re offering: access to regular income streams of around 5%, from quality listed companies which enables you to live the life you deserve.

This means:

  • You can sleep easily without the stress from the ups and downs of the market, let alone guessing when a company will pay dividends.
  • You no longer have to struggle with the threat of government changes to franking credits.
  • You have the control over your investments which means you get to make fully informed decisions.
  • You don’t have to sacrifice capital preservation for the poor returns offered on Term Deposits.
  • Skip being forced to bear the full risk from hybrids just so you can live your life.
  • Not be frustrated watching your returns being eaten by fees and charges.

Direct ownership of corporate bonds means a higher income, no hidden or ongoing fees and high level of comfort and certainty.

Right now, thousands of bonds including high-yielding bonds in Australia’s ASX-listed companies are accessible to investors like you.

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