About The Australian Bond Exchange

The Australian Bond Exchange (ABE) is Australia’s pre-eminent marketplace for investing in fixed income securities.

Founded in 2015, ABE enables private investors, brokers, financial advisers, and other market participants to benefit from investment in debt issued by leading financial, industrial, resources, and technology companies.

ABE’s services offer enhanced certainty, flexibility and transparency in Australian bond investing and opportunities for increased investment portfolio risk management and diversification. ABE is uniquely placed to offer a full suite of services including trading, settlement, and custodial services for Australian bonds and a comprehensive range of other assets. Servicing both retail and wholesale customers and licensed by the Australian Securities & Investments Commission to provide specific financial advice, the firm has undergone significant growth and was responsible for over A$7 billion in bond market transactions in the calendar year 2019.

ABE has extensive relationships with banks and financial institutions and uses leading-edge technology to connect to the world’s financial hubs, providing customers with accurate, transparent and timely pricing and trading data and advice, while removing unnecessary barriers and costs. The firm’s bond issuance service enables companies to issue debt quickly and effectively through the firm’s extensive network of customers, vendors and market participants.

ABE’s team possesses in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in local and global capital markets, financial risk management, cutting-edge technology infrastructure, and advanced data science and analytics.

Key Corporate Information

  • Established in 2015
  • Responsible for over A$7 billion in bond market transactions in CY2019
  • Provides services to hundreds of private clients, banks, funds and other financial services organisations
  • Patent pending for our more efficient asset transfer process that will reduce transaction time and risk
  • Current transactions and volume (in millions) per financial years to April 2020:

Transactions and Volume (Millions) per Financial Year

Key Partners

  • IRESS enables brokers to transact directly with the OTC market
  • Australia & New Zealand Banking Group gives us access to local and international banking
  • Perpetual provides safe and secure custodial services
  • Australian Money Market allows access to the best term deposit rates for our clients
  • BondAdviser provides research on the bond market

Key Bond Market Information

  • A$1,650 billion approx. dollar value of Australian debt issuance, including Commonwealth government, state government, and corporate debt (source: Reserve Bank of Australia. Jan 2021)
  • A$42 billion in ASX-listed debt securities (source: Reserve Bank of Australia)
  • Over 3,000 different bonds with coupon yields ranging from 0.25% through to 17.24% and tenors ranging from 3 months through 30 years.
A$ debt issuance
A$ ASX-listed debt securities
Different bonds available with Yields from 0.5 to 17.24%

Key People