Australian Bond Exchange

Are shares riskier than bonds?

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Bonds vs Shares, What’s the Difference? When it comes to investing, most people have heard of shares, stocks or equities. These investments, which are actually all just different words for the same financial instrument, give investors a small piece of ownership (equity/stock) in a company or corporation. Bonds, debt securities and other fixed income investments, […]

Top 8 Biggest Mistakes Stock Investors Make

What are the mistakes stock investors make? How can you avoid making the same ones? No matter how good your instincts are when it comes to playing the markets, investment pitfalls can happen to anyone at any time. Part of why these traps are so common is because people either don’t realise they’re falling prey […]

5 Investments You Can Make for Your Children

The 5-Step Guide to Investing in Your Children

The idea of a family legacy today is every bit as important as it was 200 years ago. Doing your part to ensure the future comfort of your children is essential in today’s uncertain times. In fact, in today’s changing world, it may be one of the smartest decisions you ever make to safeguard your […]

What is the difference between a Term Deposit and a Bond?

the difference between term deposit and bonds

Term deposits and bonds fall under the category of fixed income. They are relatively risk-free investments that you can use to strengthen your portfolio, like all investment options, they both come with their fair share of pros and cons.

ETF and other exchange traded bonds

An ETF is an investment into a fund that trades some asset. This is often a combination of shares of stock, futures, foreign currency etc. These ETFs are usually built to track an asset or index such as the ASX200 Australian share index. They allow you to invest in an asset (the ETF) that will […]

Bond Funds

Bond Funds, like Stock Funds offer professional selection and management of a portfolio of Bonds for a fee. Through a Bond Fund you can diversify the risks across a range of bonds pre-chosen by the manager. Some funds are designed to follow a market, often called an Index Fund. Other Funds are actively managed according […]

How are stocks traded?

Most stocks are traded on one or more exchanges. A place where buyers and sellers can meet and decide on a price. Originally this was the place where buyers and sellers were meeting in person, but now most exchanges are automated in rooms full of computer servers. The purpose of an exchange is to facilitate […]