The inner workings of a bond

Its quite endemic that bonds aren't more well known in Australia. A lot of that is intentional from the wholesale market. Trying to confuse the retail investors with lots of numbers, formulas and jargon. This article will go through some of the terminology of bonds and clear things up a bit. Face Value / Amount [...]

What is the difference between a Term Deposit and a Bond?

Term deposits and bonds fall under the category of fixed income. They are relatively risk-free investments that you can use to strengthen your portfolio, like all investment options, they both come with their fair share of pros and cons.

Premium and Discount bonds

Are you aware of the difference between premium bonds and discount bonds? Investors purchasing Bonds on the primary market (the initial issue of the bond) usually pay the face value of the bond which is usually but not always $100. After that, on the secondary market, the price of the bond will fluctuate mainly due [...]

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