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If you’re an Australian corporation attempting to fund the business plan, reduce third-party debt, and gain more certainty around your debt facility, the market is becoming more difficult. Finding the right source of funding and ensuring the success of investment products such as bonds isn’t always easy. Gaining sufficient distribution for a product in a crowded marketplace can be difficult, and administering those products can also be a challenge.

Issuing products via the Australian Bond Exchange helps solve those problems. By issuing through ABE, you can take advantage of our extensive distribution network of customers, participants and vendors. You can use ABE’s market-leading systems for administration, trading and settlement.

ABE’s issuing services enable corporate treasurers to quickly and effectively issue non-listed investment products to the wider market.

Why Issue bonds with Australian Bond Exchange

Reach more Investors

Issuance through ABE gets your bonds in front of more people. You gain access to our extensive network. Consisting of both domestic and international registered brokers, financial planners, fund managers and family offices. Through this network you can then distribute your product to their client base or invest directly themselves.

Find Better Pricing

The broad reach of investors ensures that pricing is always competitive and accurately priced due to the independence of ABE and helps facilitate your debt issuance.

Increase the length of your loan

Corporate treasurers are increasingly searching for longer-dated loan facilities which are increasingly difficult to find due to changes in the global and Australian regulatory environment. Working with ABE to issue bonds allows you certainty over your extended loan facilities. As many organisations found during the financial crisis, even sound companies can face financial ruin because their lending bank found themselves in trouble. Issuing corporate bonds in place of a business loan significantly reduces this risk.

Better services for your investors

Using ABE systems benefits your investors too. ABE trading systems enable them to move into and out of investments easily, and to readily obtain information about prices and liquidity. Secure and efficient settlement systems ensure transactions are settled within three business days, rather than up to 30 in other OTC environments.

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