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ABE Weekly: When it comes to debt, it pays to be the creditor

Australian Bond Exchange Weekly Update Friday 9th June 2023 Key Points The RBA hiked the cash rate again on Tuesday, raising it 25 basis points to 4.1%, signaling to markets they will do whatever is necessary to curb this sticky inflation Investors and commentators are jumping on the “bondwagon” as a new sense of hype […]

Are shares riskier than bonds?

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Bonds vs Shares, What’s the Difference? When it comes to investing, most people have heard of shares, stocks or equities. These investments, which are actually all just different words for the same financial instrument, give investors a small piece of ownership (equity/stock) in a company or corporation. Bonds, debt securities and other fixed income investments, […]

ABE Weekly: Macquarie Backs Bonds as Equities Lose Appeal

Australian Bond Exchange Weekly Update Friday 6th June 2023 Key Points New Australian CPI data shows inflation is still pernicious, driven by rising rents and lack of housing, prompting some analysts to predict another cash rate hike as early as next week. SIAA Conference insights suggest investors are moving away from highly volatile investments like […]

Superannuation taxes set to double, making fixed income an attractive alternative

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Big changes are on the horizon for superannuation tax, which could see investors flock to lower-risk investment markets like fixed income. From 1 July 2025, some superannuation account holders will have their headline tax rate doubled from 15% to 30%. Although this is still below the top marginal tax rate of 45%, the significant increase […]

CBDC vs Cryptocurrency, what’s the difference?

If you’ve been reading the financial news headlines over the past six months, it’s likely you’ve encountered the acronym CBDC. When it comes to dissecting the official explanations of financial concepts and their accompanying acronyms, it can take time to wade through the reams of academic information, intertwined with complex concepts and industry jargon, delivered […]

ABE Weekly: $1 trillion predicted to flow into fixed income, as market shifts

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Australian Bond Exchange Weekly Update Friday 26th May Key Points Westpac’s Leading Index of Economic Activity forecasts slow economic growth (1%) in 2023, reporting a 20% drop in housing approvals in the first quarter of the year Sticky inflation across major economies, including the higher than forecasted figure of 8.7% inflation for the UK, is […]

Real-time CBDC bond settlements closer than you think

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Australian Bond Exchange Holdings Limited (ASX:ABE) (“Australian Bond Exchange” or “the company”) are excited to announce the successful test of the first near real-time Central bank Digital Currency (CBDC) bond settlement in Australia. Key Points First near real-time CBDC bond settlements executed using Australian Bond Exchange’s  technology Australian Bond Exchange one of 15 use cases […]

ABE Weekly: Wage Growth Outpacing RBA’s Cash Rate

Australian Bond Exchange Weekly Update Friday 19th May Key Points RBA minutes released this week explain the 25bps rate rise that shocked the markets.  Wages increasing at a rate higher than the RBA cash rate, signaling stickier inflation.  Low unemployment and increasing wages could be favourable for bond investors.   The US debt-ceiling is self-imposed and […]

ABE Weekly: A war on inflation, or a conflict of interest?

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Australian Bond Exchange Weekly Newsletter Friday 12th May 2023 Key Points The 2023-2024 Federal Budget released on Tuesday has provided Australia with a surprising surplus, albeit short-lived with large, forecasted deficits for 2023-2024. The Budget has heralded mixed reviews from economists and market commentators on whether the injection of billions of dollars into the economy […]

ABE Weekly: RBA makes waves, leaving some investors in deep water

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Australian Bond Exchange Weekly Newsletter Friday 5th May 2023 Key Points  Market economists left shocked as the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) hikes cash rate to 3.85%, with mixed rhetoric causing confusion. US and EU central banks increase cash rates by 25bps, and although some analysts forecast US cuts as early as December, the EU […]