Australian Bond Exchange

Who Invests In Australian Corporate Bonds?

Australian bonds are a financial investment that offer a regular and reliable source of income at interest rates far superior to other comparable investments. The current average yield is around 5-7% with a maturity of 3-4 years. This is much better compared to the current average yield on bank deposits returning 0.8-2%.

Earn Regular Income

Investment bonds have been the cornerstone of any diversified investment portfolio for hundreds of years. They provide a solid foundation for all other forms of investment. Statistical evidence suggests the best performing balanced portfolios hold at least 30-40% of total assets in fixed income investments.

The rule of thumb for asset allocation is to take your age as a percentage to be invested in fixed income. Particularly important as you near retirement and no longer have time to earn back losses. As an example, if you’re 60 years old, 60% must be fixed income and the remaining 40% can be in risky assets.

The Australian Bond Exchange has been working with clients for years helping them to build income generating portfolios that supports their lifestyle. We offer an easy onboarding process that allows you to start investing within minutes. In order to help maximise your returns we also absorb ongoing management fees and charge better than market transaction rates.

We’re focused on changing the way Bonds are exchanged. Making the exchange of assets transparent, fast, easy, and secure.

We balance business decisions that support positive social, economic and environmental outcomes.

This is your opportunity to be part of the change. Take a look at our investor opportunities.


7.5% Senior Secured Note

The Australian Bond Exchange has worked with the board and management team at Pallas to create a note that provides an excellent return while minimising risk.

Some key highlights include:

  • Senior Secured by quality Australian real estate assets
  • 7.50% fixed rate paid quarterly
  • Registered first mortgage warehouse facility
  • Excellent security coverage supported by real Australian property


Are you ready to bring more comfort and certainty to your portfolio?